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Some of my favorite art songs and choral works based on a set text used the poetry of Pulitzer Prize-winner Sara Teasdale (1884-1933), who constantly integrated elements of the natural world and humanity in her writing. After searching through her works, I knew I had to adapt her poem “Water Lilies” from her collection Flame and Shadow (1920). It is a heartbreaking, nostalgic piece about the pain of absence and the power of memory, and was ripe for musical adpatation. So here it is! 


Note: the range is C# to G5, ideal for a soprano or high mezzo, but please know you can contact me if you would like help with a transposition or have other questions about how to go about the overall performance. It's pretty flexible, so let me know! You can also sing this as a bartione or tenor and that would be totally awesome, too!


Here is a demo performed by the incredible soprano and pianist Susan Nelson!


Water Lilies (High Voice/Piano)

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